Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot, Manchester

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Pregnancy is such a wonderful journey to motherhood! I absolutely love creating memories of such a fleeting time for soon-to-be new parent! Hearing your story, discussing names & getting excited for a new chapter in life – eek! My heart! An outdoor photoshoot is always such a joy, especially when it’s celebrating maternity for a Manchester couple.

Understandably, so much of maternity is focused on your new sweet baby, but it’s just as important to beautifully capture your pregnancy moments. Arranging a maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate the new life you’re about to bring into the world.

Plus, believe it or not, you will miss your bump! But whether this is your first, third or fifth baby (you’re braver than me!), a maternity session is actually so much more than just capturing your bump. The photoshoot allows you and your partner a chance to lovingly look back on the life you’ve built together.

Lifestyle sessions create my personal favourite type of photographs for families and pregnancy. Outdoor sessions, like the one featured here, are a total recommendation! During this session, we visited two locations in one afternoon, one floral and one urban. Along with having all of the images included, I created a one-minute video for each. Full details for outdoor sessions can be seen here – but read on to see the best bits!

After a year of lockdown, at the end of March 2021, we were finally able to meet people outdoors who were from other households. Understandably, this was met with both joy and anticipation from the mum to be, having spent her entire pregnancy at home, indoors! However, following a chat with her loving husband and I, the session was arranged as a way to celebrate their first baby. A collection of priceless memories, during unprecedented times for all, and a wonderful treat for them both.

For myself, this session marked my return to work after so many months of Covid restrictions and studio closures, which I was incredibly happy about. I couldn’t have wished for a lovelier couple to spend half a day with!

Our outdoor session was booked for a full afternoon in Manchester. A half-day photo shoot at two different locations, we chose to visit a botanical garden in Didsbury (South Manchester) followed by a walk around Manchester city centre. As we walked and discussed all things baby, we paid a visit to locations that were of personal significance to the couple.

Both locations offer something completely different. As a city girl, I love the lights and shapes created in an urban environment. However, colours and flowers are absolutely my styles through and through.

I know this Bump to Baby collection is one of my favourite sessions so far. But, which of the two locations/styles are my favourite? Honestly, I’m torn!

Did you make it all the way to the bottom of my blog post about outdoor maternity sessions? Amazing!
Be sure to comment below with which location is your favourite and why!

Here’s a fun fact about this session… Mum went into labour the day after! 😮 🤯
Stay in touch for their sweet newborn images – spoiler, they’re incredible ❤️

Time sure can fly when you’re busy raising a small person

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So often in the studio we hear “I wish I had a photo session when she was younger” or “I wish we had a photograph of us as a family” – and we couldn’t agree more!

We know you’re super busy. Juggling home life with small children isn’t easy and a photo session won’t be the first thing on your mind. But a lot can happen in six months.

From first teeth to first steps…
Don’t miss the chance to capture your little one’s next milestone!

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Take advantage of our loyalty scheme

Having the pleasure of capturing your little one grow up is truly so very special and one of the most rewarding parts of our job.

As a ‘thank you’ for supporting our independent business, we’re happy to offer one extra digital image for free in addition to those purchased for your collection on each return visit*

No loyalty card or promo code required. We’re good at remembering lovely faces!

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We hope to welcome you back to the studio again very soon!

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Newborn Photography, Cake Smash Sessions & Family Packages: Our Favourite Images of June 2019

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Phew! It’s been another hectic month here in the Baby Boutique, with lots of little faces passing through my Manchester studio. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favourite newborn photography sessions and family collections from the past few weeks…

Newborn Photography Goodness 💖

Okay, confession time: this first collection isn’t technically from June – but May 31 is pretty close and with so many warm, wonderful set-ups, I just HAD to include this gorgeous family in this month’s blog. How great do they look?

Newborn photography is all about capturing those special, fleeting moments in your child’s life and with a Baby’s First Year collection, you can see your little one grow and develop in real-time. In early June, I was lucky enough to complete a Baby First Year collection for little Ruby. Shot in three six month intervals, we specifically used the same flower-embellished prop to show just how much she has changed in such a short space of time. We regularly carry over the same props in newborn photography sessions like this but I think this collection has to be one of my favourites!

Messy Cake Smash Sessions 🎂

Cake smash sessions are always popular with families and I have to admit, I love them too! Just look how much fun Billie-Mae is having getting stuck into her very first birthday cake. She looks positively made up and I don’t blame her. After all, if you can’t make a mess on your birthday, when can you?

The Baby Boutique doesn’t only cater for newborn photography – in fact, babies aged between 4-12 months are our most popular booking and they just so happen to be my favourite to capture. Look at the smiles on display below and it’s not that hard to see why. This special age is absolutely perfect for getting the most out of your time in the studio. It allows us to use our wealth of backdrops (the largest collection in Central Manchester), all of our colourful headbands and accessories and as many props as we can squeeze in. It doesn’t matter what look you’re after, from neutral tones to perfect patterns, we’ve got something to suit your style.

Fabulous Family Photography ❤️

It’s no secret that each session is dictated by Baby’s schedule and it’s often typical that newborns wake up just when you need them to be asleep. Luckily it doesn’t matter too much. As long as your little one is nice and relaxed (a full tummy and clean nappy help with that!), we can work with them and at their pace. I’ve seen so many happy parents giggling at the alert expressions their little ones pull and even preferring these shots over the calmer, sleepier alternatives. The sassy poses are my favourite though: check out Reggie swearing at the camera. What a character!

As if you needed any more reasons to fall in love with shots of just-awake newborn babies, cast your eyes over these colourful shots. They’re so sweet – plus, they get bonus points for being adorable sisters. It’s worth pointing out that while vibrant colour tends to be our trademark style, we also make sure to include a healthy dose of neutral set-ups in each session, particularly with newborns. There’s nothing better than a soft and natural look.

From newborn photography to sibling and family portraits, delightfully messy cake smash sessions and shots of toddlers and babies of all ages, we had the best time creating a huge range of gorgeous images in the Baby Boutique this month. It’s not hard when your subjects are this photogenic! Until next month, here are a few extra favourites from June 2019.

Did you newborn photography shoot, cake smash session or family package make it into this month’s blog? Hurray! It would mean the world to our small business if you share this post to your friends and family 🙂 xx

Weekly Roundup • 30th April – 4th May

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Little Elodie visited the Boutique Baby Studio after a recommendation from her cousin Alyssia who had just completed a Baby’s First Year collection. She was in full party mode and ready to celebrate her first birthday with a very girly cake smash photoshoot. Pretty pink was the theme and I just love the images we captured. Yet again, a cake from Jessica Yates Cakes made the whole event extra special!



One year old Erin was in the studio to celebrate the final session of her Baby’s First Year collection and just look how happy she was about it! Can I keep her?! I’m an especially big fan of her little ‘Royal wave’ in the second image. She’s perfected it just in time for the Royal Wedding this weekend. What a pro!



The last time I saw little Soraya she was just a baby now she’s a big three! This time she visited the Baby Boutique Studio for a joint session with her one year old cousin Theo. To set the the solo and family shots apart, we decided to mix up the set-ups between a combination of patterned, floral and plain coloured backgrounds and it definitely did the trick!



I first met this lovely family when Mum and Dad brought their second child Samuel in for a Baby’s First Year collection. Since then, he’s got a brand new younger brother Noah so it was the perfect time to capture a full family shot with Mum, Dad and older brother Benjamin. Noah was a little snoozy during the shoot (it’s tough work being a newborn!) but in the end, Mum and Dad preferred his awake shots for their final collection.


Tummy time can be a little hit and miss at just three months old but not if you’re Jenson – he was an absolute natural! I love his little dungarees (always a cute outfit choice) and once we threw in a bucket for him to sit in, this session basically shot itself!



Six week old Ava was fast asleep when she arrived in the studio so we took the opportunity to snap a few sleepy shots before she woke up. Once awake we were able to capture some brilliant alert faces, complete with super-cute headbands from Beautiful Bows to top things off. Perfect!



Some little ones grow so fast! Harlan may only be 15 months old but that isn’t stopping him from getting about – he was not only walking but running around during his recent visit. It was great getting to capture this milestone however the studio’s many colourful props certainly came in handy when trying to pin him down!



Amelie was in a great mood when she visited the studio – I just love her little button nose and colourful dress. Frame them against some neutral toned backgrounds and they really come alive. At just three months old, I hope to see her back in the studio again for another smile-filled session!


Weekly Roundup • 23rd – 27th April

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Another week, another colourful selection of visitors to the Boutique Baby Studio! First up was six month old Imogen-Rae who was so excited to celebrate her photoshoot that she brought her Disney princess friends along to get in on the action too! Imogen-Rae looked adorable in her matching little princess headband (complete with crown!) and was a natural poser – especially when it came to foot-grabs. My favourite!


Imogen-Rae wasn’t the only one to bring some company to the Baby Boutique Studio recently, Caleb brought along his foxy friend again for some smile-filled poses at his second photoshoot! At just six months old, Caleb has already perfected tummy time, shooting some gorgeous smiles at my camera. Doesn’t he look sharp in his snazzy shirt too?

Family shoots are a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and capture memories that’ll last forever. Little Ajwa was in the studio recently for some solo snaps but when her sisters Abeera and Adan joined her in front of the camera, the shoot really came alive. I love the purple and floral tones – throw the girls’ parents into the mix and before long, we’d captured some images that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime!



The best part of first birthday celebrations? Cake smashes of course – and one year old Fox certainly loved to smash, smash, SMASH! This super little guy came dressed as his favourite superhero The Incredible Hulk so I just had to whip out my comic-book backdrop (and edit the colours slightly to match). What a perfect combination! He didn’t hold back either – As soon as that cake appeared, not even Iron Man could’ve held little Fox back from smashing!


Sometimes, less is more. That was certainly the case with lovely Mia. At just six months old, she visited the studio for a shoot with her Mum and we soon decided that neutral, calming colours were the way to go to match her blush pink dresses. Throw in a floral bonnet (any excuse!) and we soon had a collection of natural looking images that Mia’s Mum and Dad can cherish forever!



Everyone loves getting cosy – especially Harlan. This smiley little nine month old visited the studio and had photographs taken in his comfy baby-gro- perfectly framed against my starry night backdrop. We also found time for a bucket pose before his shoot time was up. As with all prop set-ups, Mum was on hand to ensure Harlan’s safety at all times.


Aleena-Beau dazzled in her glam themed shoot and I just loved her headband which is from a belly-dancer outfit of hers! Her Mum had suggested we celebrate her first birthday with a safari-themed cake smash so that’s exactly what we did – even if it was a few months late! Pandas, parrots, lemurs – everyone was invited to Aleena-Beau’s birthday shindig and thankfully there was enough cake to go round. Brilliant!



When it comes to birthday parties, the rule is: the more the merrier! That’s why Rose’s Mum and Dad decided to get involved with her one year celebrations. Once we’d captured a few family shots (with matching floral headbands for Mum and Daughter!) it was time for the main event: Cake smash! We chose a pink tutu to match the colourful cake perfectly and the party-themed backdrop really did the trick!



Keeping the streets safe is tiring work! George’s Dad is a policeman so when he suggested using his hat as a prop in his newborn shoot, I thought it was the perfect way to add a personal touch to his new baby boy’s photo collection. Newborns this size can be tricky to shoot however we were able to get some touching images of little George in variety of poses before the session was over. The little swaddle and inclusion of the suitcase prop were perfect for showcasing just how teeny little ones are at this age. Amazing!


Weekly Roundup • 17th – 20th April

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Newborn twins Indi and Isla were just three weeks new when they visited the Baby Boutique Studio and don’t they just look lovely all cosied up together! These two didn’t open their eyes once during their trip which made it easy get some snaps of them with their little lamb teddies. Their Mum called them ‘little lambs’ so this was a brilliant personal touch!


Daisy’s mum sent me a picture of the tutu she planned to bring along to her birthday cake smash session so I was able to arrange a pastel coloured cake to match it. It just goes to show how much a little bit of pre-session planning helps to ensure you get the best pictures possible. I just love the colourful polkadot theme throughout this collection!



Little Zhou had the most amazing mermaid outfit to wear during her session, complete with a super-cute crochet bikini. She even had a matching Cuddle and Kind doll to include, too. We threw in the sparkly ‘ONE’ letters to mark her big day and added a floral bonnet to finish things off in style!



The last time I saw little Ava she was just three months old and now she’s one! It’s great getting to see how much she’s grown – she’s even dancing and was throwing some moves in the studio, performing for the camera. The first image below showcases her super cool ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ dance before we moved on to her girly cake smash session. Ava loved the buttercream but then again – who wouldn’t?



Jax is just one and has come on leaps and bounds since his last visit as a newborn. He’s now an astronaut – well, in front of the camera at least! His parents had fun looking through all my backdrops in the studio and eventually picked a sky-themed background to match his star man outfit!



Carys and her little sister Bethan had matching tutus for their photoshoot – and Carys’ even had a matching birthday cake for her cake smash session! However before she got her hands on the cake, it was lovely getting to get a couple of individual snaps of the pair.



Eight month old Arthur is the happiest little guy with the cutest hairstyle to boot! He’s already trying to stand up so I’m sure the next time I see him he’ll be all over the studio’s props and toys. Wait until he spots the studio’s race car!

Weekly Roundup • 9th – 13th April

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Jordi was just nine days young when he visited the Boutique Baby Studio for his newborn session recently. Mum and Dad followed the preparation details given perfectly and so we were able to make the most of his time in front of the camera! As a result, we captured a wide variety of photographs for their newborn collection. Jordi’s parents just loved black and white tones – and as these are included as standard alongside colour images on the USBs provided with each package – I made sure to use the best colours and lighting to create the perfect monochrome lights and shadows!



Three year old Billy is no stranger to the studio having visited a handful of times during his Baby’s First Year package but it was lovely to see him back again – this time as a big brother to four week old Rory. Billy can’t get enough of dinosaurs at the moment so as well as using his very own T-Rex tail in a creative sibling shot, we also made a heart shape using his own toy dino collection. I wasn’t the only one who loved this image – it’s been shared numerous times on social media and I’ve already had various requests to recreate it in upcoming sessions. As with all shoots, safety is the top priority. These images are a composite, with Mum just inches away from baby Rory at all times. Oh and no Dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these pics either!



7 month old Kayden is growing up so fast! Having visited four months ago during a Baby’s First Year package, he’s now sitting up – it’s just so lovely to watch this adorable little guy become more of a photography natural. For this shoot we created a varied collection using props, colourful backgrounds and a few personal touches thrown in for good measure. See you for your first birthday cake smash session in September, Kayden!


Some babies love their time in the studio so much they don’t want to miss a moment of it. That was certainly the case for newborn Layla, who was wide awake for every moment of her shoot. While this can sometimes make for a tricky session, it didn’t matter at all to Layla who was the most chilled out baby ever. She loved following my camera around whilst making the most adorable expressions and smiles. Such a great change of pace getting to photograph newborn babies awake!



Archie has the best arm rolls – throw in that super dapper swept hair-do, snappy bow-tie and smiley little face and I just can’t handle how cute he is! He was all smiles and giggles during his all-blue themed photoshoot. What a perfect model!



This week was the second week of the school holidays which meant more opportunities to shoot older brothers and sisters. Brothers Joseph and Tommy loved visiting the studio for their sibling photoshoot. You can tell they’re brothers, too – just look at those amazing eyelashes. The camera loved them!



Not only did five month old Nathan love tummy time (what a pro!), he couldn’t get enough of looking around the studio from inside a bucket whilst perfectly framed with a lovely hot-air balloon backdrop. As he’s not yet able to sit up independently, Mum and Dad were close at hand to offer support. They even decided to get in on the photography fun and have a family snap taken alongside Nathan – what a perfect family memory to capture!



The last time Joseph visited the studio was for his newborn session so it was lovely to photograph him again with his big sister. Using different backgrounds for each of their individual shots is a simple way of adding character to their full collection – plus Joseph’s sister was wearing a colourful rainbow skirt, which matched her chosen backdrop perfectly!


Weekly Roundup • 3rd – 6th April

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Bella came prepared when she visited the Boutique Baby Studio in Manchester recently. Pearls, a ballerina outfit, a super cute cheeky face – She had the lot! Who can blame her though? It was her first birthday and she was celebrating in style with a cake smash photo shoot, complete with another beautiful bake from Jessica Yates Cakes. This pink and purple cake matched the purple backdrop perfectly, which was handy because Bella’s Mum picked it specifically having looked through the blog before her visit. Doesn’t she look pretty? Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the cake – it didn’t last long!



The best thing about visiting the Boutique Baby Studio has to be the variety! Smiley Noah found that out during his recent shoot which incorporated a good mix of styles including an vintage look and an aeroplane detour. To finish things up, we thew in a few neutral, traditional colours and used a lovely flokati rug set up with knitted shorts. This colour always works perfectly for blonde babies. I love it!



Five-month-old George may not have been confident enough to sit up on his own quite yet but he was more than happy to chill out in a bucket for a selection of shots. He just loved being comfy – clearly he’s a fan or taking it easy! Of course as with all shots like these, Mum was on hand at all times to provide support and safety – I simply edited her out. Don’t worry about that though George, put those feet up!



Four month old Isla loved every part of her visit to the studio. From the moment she left the pram she was all smiles and loved being propped up in a bucket so she could see exactly what was going on. It must have tired her out though as she was fast asleep by the time we were done!



With Summer fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to mix up the outfits used in my shoots. Six month old Max looked beach ready in his holiday linens, casual teeshirt and framed against a holiday-themed boat background. Plus, I just loved how he held his little toes while sitting up. My job’s easy sometimes!



With schools closed for the Easter holidays, this week has been the perfect time to capture some shots with older siblings who may ordinarily be unavailable. They’re usually great at getting the little ones smiling too. 7 month old Leo looked cosy posing in his nappy for that pure baby look in the bathtub and a basket from the studio. I love how the bright blue background compliments his sparkly eyes!



These two were bros for life and they’ve got the mating tee shirts to prove it! Using neutral backgrounds, we were able to match pictures from previous sessions which work well for their home decor. Little Raife has been in a few times during his Baby’s First Year sessions and it’s just lovely to see him growing up. Look at him covering his ears when playing peekaboo, what a cutie!



As a huge fan of Glastonbury Festival, I was over the moon to see Annie sporting a babygro from last year’s event. It matched perfectly with a floral crown (luckily, my studio’s fully stocked with them), tutu and sunglasses – which she much preferred to chew and not wear! Mum also loved the idea of floral bonnets and as a huge fan of them myself, who am I to say no? See you at the Other Stage, Annie!



Little Nancy was back in the studio recently for the second of three sessions as part of her Baby’s First Year session. We decided to use the same pink flokati rug with a yellow wrap and headband that we used in previous shoots to show off just how much she’s grown in such a short space of time. How time flies!



For the second of three Baby’s First Year shoots, six-month-old Lyla decided to pose with her sister again after a similar newborn image got so much love! She looks teeny tiny in comparison and is now sitting, smiling and looking adorable in the studio’s tutus and dresses. Looks like I’m not the only fan of these three floral backgrounds too, they’re quickly becoming a client favourite!


Newborn sessions can often be hard to predict, especially when babies aren’t in a regular feeding and sleeping routine. Add two excitable toddlers to the mix and you could have all out chaos on your hands. Luckily that wasn’t the case with this shoot. These two were so well behaved and gentle with their new little brother. All three have been through my studio now. What an honour it is to capture these moments!


Tamara was over the moon with her cake smash this afternoon! She just loved to squish up the delicious sponge – sure, it’s a shame to smash up such a great cake from Jessica Yates Cakes – but it’s worth it for these images! Like what you see? The tutu, vest and little crown are all available in the studio for clients to use!



Macauley just loves to bite! Here he is at 6 months chewing a blue basket and again six months later attempting to chew a car – Some things never change! Having booked a cake session in advance, Mum since discovered that Macauley is dairy intolerant. Solution? Jelly smash!


Weekly Roundup • 26th – 29rd March

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My models have the best taste. Just look at lovely 8 month old Evie who visited the Boutique Baby Photography Studio recently. I just LOVED her dress. If only they made it in my size! Evie’s mum brought lots of outfits along to her session but in the end we ended up using one of the studio’s many dresses and props for her final snaps. She looks glowing set against bright and pastel palettes and was the perfect little poser, happy to do lots of different set-ups with a smile on her cute little face.


Ayda visited for her newborn session recently and was a perfect sleepy baby. She absolutely loved being swaddled but then again, what newborn wouldn’t love a little swaddle? That’s how the stork delivers them, right? Ayda’s Mum loved the studio’s little bonnets so we ended up using lots of them and after a while, little Ayda couldn’t resist opening her eyes to have a little nosy.

For Harry’s first birthday his mum wanted a colouful cake smash – and that’s exactly what we got! Thanks to a new collaboration between myself and the amazing Jessica Yates Cakes these photoshoots have never looked better! I always make sure to get a few non-cake images too before the cheeky birthday boy got stuck in and made a right old mess!



I love doing outdoor sessions. They provide an opportunity for more variety that you just can’t get in a traditional studio setting. I went outside recently with 2 year old Scarlett and her Mum for a change of scenery. She’s had three previous shoots in the studio as part of a Baby’s First Year package and fancied something a little different. I love these candid and natural images. With winter behind us and summer ahead, now is the perfect time to book a outdoor session – and Manchester has an abundance of beautiful locations to choose from. Canals, street art, suburbs, green spots – I have so many favourite spots, it can be hard to choose just one!


Psst.. here’s a little secret about Cake Smash Sessions – Once your little one’s done smashin’, you get to take the left over cake home with you! Joel had a brilliant time getting messy to celebrate his very first birthday. The blue and yellow cake provided the perfect contrast to the starry night backdrop from my studio. Plus, blue and yellow is my favourite colour combination, so it was a win-win situation all round!


Little Theia isn’t even three months old yet but she already knows how to strike a pose. Set against this lovely polkadot backdrop, she looked instantly photogenic. Dots make a great replacement for the usual florals but I do love a good floral, so I won’t be straying too far!

Some babies aren’t quite sure what to make of a photo session at first, like six month old Poppy who was initially a little unsure about her new surroundings. However by taking my time and using some familiar toys provided my Mum and Dad, we got exactly what we were after in no time!

Babies come so far during their first year. Little Mason has come on leaps and bounds throughout his Baby’s First Year package. I just love seeing baby’s grow up. Look at him now, he’s even standing up!


7 Month old Hukhmi had stunning long hair and absolutely loved tummy time. Her Mum and Dad brought along some very posh outfits for her to wear during her shoot and combined with the perfect matching backdrop, we managed to get an amazing selection of images!


Zander is only 9 weeks new but he’s already so alert! I got lots of smiles out of him during his recent shoot which was great as it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss with babies this fresh. I also threw in a colourful chevron backdrop for good measure – I have lots of these in the studio and they never go amiss!

Weekly Roundup • 19th – 23rd March

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One year old Tommy visited the studio recently and lit it up with his gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. So sparkly! His parents had decided on a blue and yellow theme for each of his three sessions this year and when it came time for a cake smash to celebrate his first year, little Tommy had the time of his life picking the sprinkles off the top of the cake!



Three year old Olivia is no stranger to the studio. In fact, she’s been here so much during her first year sessions that she’s now picking her own backdrops! Clearly a fan of rose pink, Olivia loved posing for the camera and when it came time for her to share the spotlight for a few pictures with her little brother, she thought a comic book background was best. What a little hero!



The studio tends to lend itself to bright, bubbly colours but there’s plenty of room for neutral setups as well. The parents of sleepy Zachary wanted a collection of prints that matched their home decor and we were able to find a backdrop that worked perfectly. Throw in a few props and hats – along with a baby as good as nine-day-old Zachary – and we got what we were after in no time!



Fun fact: Babies LOVE bubbles! Just look at Buddy’s sitter session. I love it when babies hold their feet and he was a natural! Buddy revisited the studio following his newborn shoot and once again posed with their own light-box studio prop. Not only did this add a great personal touch but it also worked as the perfect size comparison when placed next to his previous pictures. Getting big, Buddy!



Three month old Miles just loved tummy time, especially when framed against my super cool cityscape background. He was full of happy smiles! Miles was a natural when posing for a few bucket shots too, a pose where baby safety is key. I always place plenty of cushions in my bucket props to make sure the babies are cosy and a parent is always close at hand at all times to offer support.



Just look at this dapper pair! Noah and his big sister have their birthdays just days apart and they managed to squeeze in a quick photo shoot before heading off to celebrate at their joint birthday party. Noah looks raring to go in his cute suit which was bought for a family wedding. Bring on the birthday cake!



Pretty in pink Grace could have happily eaten the cake from her cake smash session all day long! She couldn’t have looked more photogenic dressed in a cute purple tutu from the studio and mixing things up with a variety of poses, including standing up! This was Grace’s third session as part of her Babies First Year package and as always, she was as happy as ever!


Newborn Isla refused to sleep for hours during the morning of her shoot so we had to adapt a couple of the poses that we had planned! Luckily she was super chilled and the images we captured turned out to be adorable. Isla’s family are regulars to the studio too, her older brother visited a few years ago for a babies first year session.



Babies love cakes smashes. It makes sense though, right? I mean what could be better than free cake and the opportunity to smash, smash, smash! One year old Ella had a whale of a time during a cake sessions that featured the same set up as the one her sister had. Just look at that chuffed little face!



Six month old Anais loved all the attention she got during her studio session. This age is perfect for making the most of things in the studio and the super-chilled Anais was happy for us to do lots of different set ups. We decided to only use tutus, headbands and bonnets for this shoot and Anais’ Mum and family had a great time selecting their favourite props and backgrounds.



As you can imagine, I meet lots of babies with lots of different names but I was extra happy to meet 12 week old Kitty. Not only did she have a lovely name but she was in the best mood and gave us lots of glowing, cute smiles during tummy time. What a natural!





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