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Adorable Taya!

Posted on 30th March 2016 by Admin under Girls, Studio
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Little Taya was in the studio and she was super adorable!

Taya is quite the model baby, and it’s so great to see how big she’s grown since her last session! She was quite shy today and gave us a few smiles,     and was more content to crawl around the studio – which was amusing to see with her dress getting in her way, she managed and she was super fast all the while!

She enjoyed tearing apart our flower bouquet prop, and we managed to bribe her with a few beaded necklaces to distract her! You’ll see quite a few fun moments in the shoot where her cheeky personality shone through and she was being mischievous. Mum wanted to put her in a lovely flower crown, however she was having none of it! She took it off straight away, not before we managed a snap!

We absolutely love the colours used here, her eyes really sparkle with the deep rose colours.

Taya is turning one soon, so we had to celebrate with a Cake Smash – she was on it before we had set it down, and it was quite amusing to see her destroy the cake before taking a taste.. Which from her expression, is clear it was a shock!

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