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Angelic Orlaith!

Posted on 22nd March 2016 by Admin under Girls, Newborn
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We had baby Orlaith in the studio today, and for a nine day old baby, she was wonderfully behaved! It was lovely to see Mum back, after having been in the studio earlier this month with little Dominic! Mum was glowing and looked so content with baby Orlaith.

We loved how sleepy she was, and seemed intent on cuddling up in a certain way, legs akimbo and alternately crossed – she always seemed to escape the swaddle and stick her feet out, which was so cute! Mum wanted to keep to pastel shades, so we kept the shoot minimal by using a few lovely floral backdrops and soft blankets in pale hues to add a lovely glow to the shoot.

Orlaith looked super tiny in comparison to, well.. Everything! Fitting her into to the little basket prop really emphasised how teensy she is, with doesn’t last as long with how big they get super fast!

We can’t wait to have Mum and Orlaith back in the studio to see how big she is in a few months!


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