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Weekly Roundup • 23rd – 27th April

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Another week, another colourful selection of visitors to the Boutique Baby Studio! First up was six month old Imogen-Rae who was so excited to celebrate her photoshoot that she brought her Disney princess friends along to get in on the action too! Imogen-Rae looked adorable in her matching little princess headband (complete with crown!) and was a natural poser – especially when it came to foot-grabs. My favourite!


Imogen-Rae wasn’t the only one to bring some company to the Baby Boutique Studio recently, Caleb brought along his foxy friend again for some smile-filled poses at his second photoshoot! At just six months old, Caleb has already perfected tummy time, shooting some gorgeous smiles at my camera. Doesn’t he look sharp in his snazzy shirt too?

Family shoots are a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and capture memories that’ll last forever. Little Ajwa was in the studio recently for some solo snaps but when her sisters Abeera and Adan joined her in front of the camera, the shoot really came alive. I love the purple and floral tones – throw the girls’ parents into the mix and before long, we’d captured some images that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime!



The best part of first birthday celebrations? Cake smashes of course – and one year old Fox certainly loved to smash, smash, SMASH! This super little guy came dressed as his favourite superhero The Incredible Hulk so I just had to whip out my comic-book backdrop (and edit the colours slightly to match). What a perfect combination! He didn’t hold back either – As soon as that cake appeared, not even Iron Man could’ve held little Fox back from smashing!


Sometimes, less is more. That was certainly the case with lovely Mia. At just six months old, she visited the studio for a shoot with her Mum and we soon decided that neutral, calming colours were the way to go to match her blush pink dresses. Throw in a floral bonnet (any excuse!) and we soon had a collection of natural looking images that Mia’s Mum and Dad can cherish forever!



Everyone loves getting cosy – especially Harlan. This smiley little nine month old visited the studio and had photographs taken in his comfy baby-gro- perfectly framed against my starry night backdrop. We also found time for a bucket pose before his shoot time was up. As with all prop set-ups, Mum was on hand to ensure Harlan’s safety at all times.


Aleena-Beau dazzled in her glam themed shoot and I just loved her headband which is from a belly-dancer outfit of hers! Her Mum had suggested we celebrate her first birthday with a safari-themed cake smash so that’s exactly what we did – even if it was a few months late! Pandas, parrots, lemurs – everyone was invited to Aleena-Beau’s birthday shindig and thankfully there was enough cake to go round. Brilliant!



When it comes to birthday parties, the rule is: the more the merrier! That’s why Rose’s Mum and Dad decided to get involved with her one year celebrations. Once we’d captured a few family shots (with matching floral headbands for Mum and Daughter!) it was time for the main event: Cake smash! We chose a pink tutu to match the colourful cake perfectly and the party-themed backdrop really did the trick!



Keeping the streets safe is tiring work! George’s Dad is a policeman so when he suggested using his hat as a prop in his newborn shoot, I thought it was the perfect way to add a personal touch to his new baby boy’s photo collection. Newborns this size can be tricky to shoot however we were able to get some touching images of little George in variety of poses before the session was over. The little swaddle and inclusion of the suitcase prop were perfect for showcasing just how teeny little ones are at this age. Amazing!


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