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Baby Jigi Returned!

Posted on 23rd March 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Before they entered the studio, Dad turned to us and said, “Do you have the car? Please hide it!” As with Jimmy’s prior session he’d caught sight of the car and wanted nothing else!

Baby Jigi visited us in the studio today, he was here with his brother Jimmy in January, and it was wonderful to see how big they’ve gotten since.

Little Jigi was a super crawler, making sure Mum and Dad had their hands full the whole time! It was fun to see Dad chasing after Jigi, as soon as he’d set him down for the shoot, he’d be off like a shot.. And in the other direction, too!

They had such fun racing around and talking away, we think we managed to capture that wonderfully mischievous and excitable attitude on camera, most notably during the Cake Smash.

Jigi was very hesitant to touch the cake at first, tentatively reaching towards it before drawing back completely, he’d look at Mum like, “Am I really allowed this?” It was super cute!

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