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Baby Ruthie!

Posted on 1st April 2016 by Admin under Girls, Studio
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Ruthie popped into the studio today and we loved how expressive she was!

In every snap she was smiling away and showing off her new teeth which were coming in, which we think is the cutest. She’ll be turning one soon and mum had dressed her in a lovely sparkly shirt with the number one displayed, which went wonderfully with her pink tutu!

Ruthie, however, was more interested in playing with our ducky! Like all babies she was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and would giggle when Dad would bring it out, making funny quacking noises to get her smiling.

Mum had dressed her in a lovely and vibrant pink tutu, which when accidentally paired with a Peppa Pig cuddly, looked super adorable! The pink hues went wonderfully together and we can’t help but love how cute it all looks together! We used a few chair props to add character, our favourite is our low seated chair which boasts an array of patterned textiles and tones – Ruthie made it perfect with her adorable poses, pointing here and there whilst grinning away!

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