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Bubbly Harvey!

Posted on 24th March 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Harvey was in the studio and he was such a delight! Always giggling and blowing raspberries, we loved how happy he was all the time!

Smiles came very easily to Harvey, and our shoot just flew by so fast. According to Mum Harvey is practicing to say “Hello” and we loved hearing his mish mash of words, and even talking away to anyone who would listen – we love chatty babies, they always make for great fun during the sessions!

Mum had him in a few outfits, which made him look super dapper. We personally loved his little red robe, it looked so cosy and we’re always jealous of babies who get to slip in and out of cosy outfits at a whim! The whole shoot looked naturalĀ and earthy, using natural and light tones makes the images perfect for having up anywhere in the home.

As Harvey had a shoot with us when he was a baby, it was lovely to see how big he’s gotten since – the chubbier legs and hands were so cute, as well as the gorgeous blonde hair that was sticking up everywhere!

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