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Bubbly Noah!

Posted on 7th April 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Little Noah was in the studio, and boy did he have energy! We’re not so sure on where he gets it all from, but we bet he keeps Mum and Dad very busy!

Noah was quite the well behaved baby, he was chatting away to Mum and Dad and super curious about what was going on in the studio and what everyone was up to.

During the shoot he gave us the best of expressions, alongside the toothiest of grins with a lovely little cheeky expression on his face, we’re guessing he was planning mischief!

As Mum has had a session with Noah as a baby, we couldn’t resist placing him in a few props that we used during his earlier shoots. Looking at the images from his previous shoots and comparing them to now makes us happy to be able to see how big Noah has grown, and how his wonderful personality just keeps getting bigger!

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