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Cheeky Harry

Posted on 7th April 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Harry was in the studio and he had such energy!

Chatting away to us all and letting us know exactly how he felt about everything, which we have to admit, is super cute.

We loved seeing him explore the studio, confidently getting in front of the camera and doing his own thing. Mum wanted to have a few fun props out during the shoot, and one of those being our popular bubble machine!

Harry had the best expressions once the bubbles were out, you can see the absolute concentration on his face and how determined he was to get those bubbles! His hair had the tendency to stick up at the back, much to Mum’s dismay, but we found it adorable – it gave him a very youthful and ruffled look.

Mum also wanted to get a few shots with Harry in an Easter theme and what’s better than a delicious Easter egg?!

We loved how Harry was clutching the Easter egg, with such delicate hands and care – clearly a little boy who knows how to take care of chocolate.. We approve!

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