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Cousins in the studio!

Posted on 1st April 2016 by Admin under Girls, Studio
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We had a girls day today, and it was made more fun with three adorable cousins who filled the studio with chatter and giggles!

They had such wonderful dresses and seemed to enjoy wandering around the studio and exploring! We had the girls in a few different settings, using bright colours and a pink backdrop to add a bit of a feminine personality, focusing primarily on the dynamics between the girls.

We had quite a few adorable snaps where you can see their personalities shining through. Sarah was very curious about the studio, exploring away and trying on many of our props, Paige being an adorable little newborn was content and didn’t fuss at all! Little Emily was a great helper and made sure her cousins were happy and smiling at the camera, she even gave us a hand with tidying up!

Sarah was chatting away and it was adorable to see her blonde curls sticking up in either direction, she was trying on a few of our glasses props and placing them atop her own, she was so cute! We could tell she was loving our car prop, she kept going towards it with our beaded necklaces in hand, a little fashionista, we’d say!

There are plenty of things we love about babies, but a few things always stick out for us; baby rolls, baby chatter, and sneezes!

Having the three girls together in the studio made us think of how lovely it is to see such a lovely sisterly bond at a young age, which was even more special seeing them look after each other and playing together happily.


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  1. Louise Ivers says:

    This is fab!! Thank you x

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