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Theo, Isaac & Louis

Posted on 8th April 2016 by Admin under Boys, Newborn
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We had adorable Theo in the studio with big brother Isaac and baby cousin Louis!

Theo was so content and totally chilled out, he didn’t fuss and was sleeping throughout the session! He looked absolutely lovely in a few of our props however he looked especially adorable in a favourite of ours, which was suggested by auntie, and it was a lovely little wooden basket which really emphasises how small and tiny he is at this age!

Mum had Theo in a few shots with big brother Isaac and they looked so cute together, Isaac had worn some headphones in a shoot prior, and mum wanted to bring this back for continuity and to see how big he’d gotten from the last time he wore them! We put the headphones on baby Theo too, and they looked so big! It was super cute.

Isaac was such a delight, we loved how chatty he was. Delicately asking questions with such politeness and curiosity, we love seeing curious babies with good manners! It was adorable hearing him sound out his words and chatter to himself.

Little Louis was such a happy baby, he was super content and smiling away – giggling throughout the whole session! We don’t think we’ve seen a more happier baby, and his smiles were the best.

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