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Cute Vincent!

Posted on 7th April 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Vincent arrived in the studio totally calm and content to sit quietly and explore, he was quite subdued at first but as soon as he was familiar with his surroundings he was off like a rocket!

Vincent’s shoot felt like it flew by, there was so much fun to be had with his wonderful expressions – he’d turn and give the best grin, before giggling and turning away again. We loved seeing how much fun he was having, even if we weren’t included in his little word!

His startling blue eyes made for a perfect match with our lovely deep blue backdrop, bringing his gorgeous eyes out even more and adding a lovely striking look to the pictures. Mum wanted a few cheeky pictures, so we popped him in a lovely little box she’d brought along, and he looked so adorable and tiny sitting inside it!

We love how most of these snaps are an indicator of his age, his teeth are coming in and we can see him taking his first steps in a few! We love that we managed to capture such a special moment on camera, and even Mum was happy with how we caught his first step unassisted perfectly!

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