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Weekly Roundup • February 19th – 23rd

Posted on 26th February 2018 by Admin under Boys, February 2018, Girls, Maternity, Newborn
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Bright colours are a huge part of the creativity here in the studio. Unique props and backdrops are a perfect way to create a fun and memorable baby photo shoot. Of course, I can’t take credit for the absolutely adorable babies and toddlers of Manchester, but I’m pretty good at making these little ones smile!


Newborn baby photographs are typically sleepy, these are undoubtedly precious. In order to achieve the traditional posed images, newborns should be under 2 weeks old and be asleep – I provide a preparation guide before your newborn session to advise how to create a sleepy baby and make the most of your time in the studio. However, babies do have their own routine, and typically they’ll love to stay awake at the time when you most want them to sleep  – night time, am I right!? – So, although I am a baby whisperer to some extent, more and more parents are requesting that their new bundle of joy is photographed awake. So alert and curious, awake newborn babies have the most adorable expressions.



One year old, Hana had her third baby photoshoot this week, the last in her Baby’s First Year collection. Each session has been an absolute joy as she’s just the happiest little baby girl! Long hair, cheeky smiles, Hana is taking her first steps and it was important to capture this milestone for her (nearly) toddler photographs. Selecting a mixture of grey and pink colours to use in the session, the studio’s cherry blossom backdrop was perfect selection for her half-Japanese heritage.



Between finding your perfect pram and buying the day-to-day essentials for your new baby, maternity photo sessions can sometimes be forgotten about. However, missing out on these photographs is a regret I often hear. Although your gorgeous baby bump may only be visible for a few short months, pregnancy photographs become the most cherished memory of this special time in your life.



As your little one grows up, the more active and expressionate they become. This means that a photo shoot with a one year old is so much fun. Never a dull moment with these sweethearts! Little girls often bring along the most beautiful dresses for their photographs too. Here, Lily’s sparkly number is perfect for this fairytale patterned backdrop.



Willow’s mummy wanted to include sunflowers with navy colours for one setup in her studio session. These colours were those used for her wedding and this adds a lovely personal touch to her images. Looking to also create some natural images of her daughter, we included cosy blankets and managed to capture some adorable big smiles.



This week, five month old Amber popped to the studio here in the Northern Quarter for her first baby photoshoot. As seen below in the image with a green blanket, her older brother Jake had a session here when he was the same age. Amber’s parents requested the same pose for her session, using turquoise. These images together are a wonderful comparison of the two babies.



Six month old babies may be my favourite age to photograph. Old enough to sit but too young to crawl, we’re able to use the entire selection of backdrops and props. This age allows for the most variety in your session. Usually teething, this means that your little one may want to chew these props, but this can actually look super cute!


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