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Lovely Lottie

Posted on 31st March 2016 by Admin under Girls, Newborn
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Six day old Lottie was in the studio and she was so good!

She was asleep during the majority of the shoot and only woke up twice to let us know she was hungry. Her adorable brother, Isaac, who’s all grown up from the last time he visited, came along and we loved how energetic and chatty he was!

He was quite funny, his response to most things was either a “Yes!” or a “No!” we love how vocal he was, responding with the same answer whenever Mum or Dad asked him anything. We let him try the glasses and bow tie prop accessories on, and he looked so dapper! Unfortunately he was too interested in playing than to get in a picture with his sister!

Newborn sessions tend to go very smoothly, they’re a lot more relaxed and calm, the only occasional complaint from baby wanting food, and Lottie was no different. She was an absolute angel and didn’t fuss, which made it super easy to get her in a variety of shots and different settings.

Mum likes the minimalist and neutral look, so we tried to focus on incorporating this a lot more in the shoot.

We eventually managed to get Isaac in with Lottie, and did they look cute! You could see the similarities between the siblings and it was lovely to see such a wide dynamic of neutral and minimalist tones during the shoot. Perfect for hanging up in the home!

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