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Lovely Scarlett

Posted on 23rd March 2016 by Admin under Girls, Newborn
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We had a lovely little newborn in today, and she was absolutely precious. She was so quiet, and very well behaved.

The shoot went by in a blur and went by very quickly for a newborn shoot, as Scarlett was so agreeable and calm during their whole session. Mum chose a few lovely and bright shades to use that added a bit of vibrancy and warmth to the shoot. As Mum is a collector of vintage suitcases, it was only appropriate to place Scarlett inside one! We loved how tiny she looked, she looked like she was super content to chill there!

Mum had a good eye and chose a few wonderful fabrics to team with the shoot, a favourite of ours is this wonderful crochet blanket that is so virabt and colourful, it draws your eyes immediately and it just looks super cosy!

We’re always jealous of the newborns who come to the studio, spending the day napping away..


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