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Weekly Roundup • 12th – 16th March

Posted on 25th March 2018 by Admin under Cake Smash, Family Portraits, March 2018, Toddlers
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First up, it’s beautiful six month old Summer who visited the Boutique Baby Studio for a Baby’s First Year sitter session. Just look at her cute hair and perfect pout, clearly she’s a natural! Of course, whenever it comes to shooting in the studio, baby safety is key. Summer’s mum was on hand at all times, sat right next to her on a chair to ensure she was properly supported. Not that you’d notice – The beauty of Photoshop, eh?



Cheeky chappies usually wind up with the most memorable shoots and that’s exactly what happened when two year old Areez dropped by with his Mum and Dad earlier this month. This session was lots of fun. Children this age love taking advantage of the studio’s many props, and as you can see in the photos below, Areez was no exception to the rule! Combine them with one of the studio’s many colourful backdrops, throw in a few smiles and this shoot came together in no time!



Birthday’s are a big deal, especially when it’s your first one ever! Lian celebrated in style with an extra special safari-themed Cake Smash Session. I love the bright colours used in these shots, they really help to convey a party atmosphere which is needed for any birthday party, right? Lian may have to start sharing his future birthday cakes though, as her gorgeous Mum is pregnant and will be coming back soon for a Maternity Session. In the meantime though, it’s all his!


Being super cute is tiring work. Just look at snoozy Alya who, at just seven days old, made her very first visit to the Baby Studio earlier this month. Placed in a tiny bucket and draped in dreamy pastel pinks, I was able to perfectly capture some adorable super-sleepy milk-drunk faces. As you can see, Alya is a real natural at modelling – she can do it in her sleep. Literally!


As we saw in Areez’s session, the Boutique Baby Studio is jam-packed with props of all shapes and sizes however I love it when clients bring along their own inspiration to shoots. It adds a real personal touch and makes things extra memorable. Nine-month old Harrison brought along his favourite elephant blanket to use which was lovely. His older sister must have tipped him off, she visited the studio for a shoot back when she was his age!


I always suggest that clients visit the studio with a rough idea of what they’d like to come away with however sometimes best laid plans can quickly go out the window depending on the vibe of the day. That was certainly the case with two year old Isha, who came down for a session with her family recently. They’d brought down a beautiful dress for her to wear but ultimately she decided not to wear it. That’s okay though. I was able to capture these gorgeous natural images with Isha and her family instead as the perfect keepsake. After all, your little one’s only two once!




Nell loves visiting the studio. She may only be one but she’s already been for three shoots this year! That’s all part and parcel of the Baby’s First Year package, giving you the chance to capture your baby’s developments over a handful of sessions throughout their first twelve months. Nell is another natural when it comes to modelling – just look at those smiles! Hopefully she’ll visit again when she’s older.


Tummy time is the best time. Just ask three-month-old Elijah. He loved posing during his bright and bubbly session. He even brought down his own teddies so they could get in on the action, too. As you can see, bringing your baby’s favourite fluffy friend is a great opportunity to put things in perspective and get a size comparison at this ever-changing time in your baby’s life. Lovely!


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