Weekly Roundup • 5th – 9th March

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What a difference six months makes! In this new baby photo shoot, following on from Orla’s newborn session, mum wanted to include a couple of the same props and personal touches for her sitter session. This is such a great idea and one of my favourite things to do in a Baby’s First Year / Watch Me Grow photo package. Not only did we include the same blanket in the photographs, Orla also was able to sit up in this basket prop, filled with the same flowers. I can’t wait to see how this idea works out for her twelve-month session – check back in six months!


It’s no secret that toddlers can be unpredictable at times. Most of these sessions go without a hitch in the studio, however having a toddler on your side makes my job a lot easier for sure.
This week three-year-old Ralph was an absolute superstar for his toddler photo session. Posing on cue and hugging his favourite toy, Ralph was full smiles and he loved to show off his muscles!


Ismail celebrated his first birthday this week – woohoo! Having had a hot-air-balloon themed party at home, his mum brought along a basket and balloons to the studio to mark this milestone.


Sweet baby Chloe. One day from being six months old and already sitting up perfectly! Having looked through the studio’s instagram and other blog posts, mum knew exactly which setups to go for. Everyone loves a baby in a bucket and, my favourite, ‘feet up’ pose. But it feels like a while since I used the teepee prop, so it was good to get this out again.


Nine month old William was just the happiest little guy. Dressed in Gruffalo dungarees, he loved to grin and roar! He had us all in stitches with his smiles. We photographed him in his pyjamas and added his favourite teddies for ultimate cuteness.


Avissa enjoyed a cake smash session for her birthday this week. Although she seemed to be more interested in the sprinkles that kept falling off and getting stuck to her feet! Like most babies, she actually didn’t eat too much of the cake, meaning there’s more to take home afterwards – If you don’t mind the foot marks in it!


This week, from my waiting list, I was able to squeeze Cora in for her newborn session. I do recommend booking all sessions in advance so as to ensure availability. However, I will always do my best to fit your little one in for a session if I have any last minute cancelations!

Twelve month old Freddie, already so happy on his front. This can be an in-between age for tummy time as three month olds may not have the strength to push themselves up yet. However, with a cushion underneath and mummy close-by, he was perfect! Also at this age, we usually want to keep your little one looking as young as we can, but who can resit dressing him up in a dapper suit! Adding this neutral / vintage style set-up adds a nice variety to his bright and bold photographs.


Srinika is just seven months old and look how long her gorgeous hair is! Using some of the studio’s headbands and floral bonnets, we created a wonderfully colourful collection for her photoshoot. It’s such a joy when parent’s are keen to be a part of the session also, especially joining in with floral headpieces – stunning pair!

Colours are a huge part of the style here at the studio, but some photographs really stand out in monochrome. Happily, black and white photographs are included as standard with all digital packages, both in print and on USB.


Weekly Roundup • 26th February – 2nd March

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Cake smash photography sessions are a fun way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday and create perfect memories of this milestone. In addition, the boutique baby photography studio is located in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, so you can make a day out of your visit! Check out this site to see what this district is all about and to plan your day.



This week, I photographed twelve week old Grace, having first photographed her big brother back in 2015. Being able to capture your little ones growing up is such a joy and to then meet and photograph another new addition to your family is a real honour.



Cake smash sessions are always such fun, but Mariam made her photo shoot an absolute blast! This little girl was so excitable and this really shows in the final collection. She had a smile for every single photograph.



One year old Joseph had his third and final session as part of a Baby’s First Year collection. His hair has grown so much in the last six months and it’s absolutely adorable. Look at those blonde curls!



New baby Frances was just nine days old for her newborn photography session this week. Including baby pink colours, we photographed her awake. After feeding and with the help of swaddling, she did start to drift off mid-session, allowing us to capture one sleepy image for her final collection.


Here’s eight month old Ocean, taking a page out of Prince George’s book for outfit choices. Babies at this age have a whole lot of character which is awesome to capture – sometimes literally, as they’re crawling away from you, but I love the challenge!


Kamran’s studio session this week was arranged so that he could have a model headshots and a portfolio to use for applications to a model agency. We also planned additional images just for his family. Sitting up in a bucket, he had the most adorable puppy-dog eyes!
..Keep a look out for this cute little guy in catalogues and TV!



As well as including her favourite teddies, Isla had such big smiles for her daddy in the studio. Nothing beats capturing these natural reactions, so it’s great to bring along someone who is the best at making your baby laugh.



On Friday this week, another gorgeous Isla popped to the studio for her baby session. The first in a new Baby’s First Year collection, she’ll be back in four months time for her sitter session and I’m looking forward to it already!


Weekly Roundup • February 19th – 23rd

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Bright colours are a huge part of the creativity here in the studio. Unique props and backdrops are a perfect way to create a fun and memorable baby photo shoot. Of course, I can’t take credit for the absolutely adorable babies and toddlers of Manchester, but I’m pretty good at making these little ones smile!


Newborn baby photographs are typically sleepy, these are undoubtedly precious. In order to achieve the traditional posed images, newborns should be under 2 weeks old and be asleep – I provide a preparation guide before your newborn session to advise how to create a sleepy baby and make the most of your time in the studio. However, babies do have their own routine, and typically they’ll love to stay awake at the time when you most want them to sleep  – night time, am I right!? – So, although I am a baby whisperer to some extent, more and more parents are requesting that their new bundle of joy is photographed awake. So alert and curious, awake newborn babies have the most adorable expressions.



One year old, Hana had her third baby photoshoot this week, the last in her Baby’s First Year collection. Each session has been an absolute joy as she’s just the happiest little baby girl! Long hair, cheeky smiles, Hana is taking her first steps and it was important to capture this milestone for her (nearly) toddler photographs. Selecting a mixture of grey and pink colours to use in the session, the studio’s cherry blossom backdrop was perfect selection for her half-Japanese heritage.



Between finding your perfect pram and buying the day-to-day essentials for your new baby, maternity photo sessions can sometimes be forgotten about. However, missing out on these photographs is a regret I often hear. Although your gorgeous baby bump may only be visible for a few short months, pregnancy photographs become the most cherished memory of this special time in your life.



As your little one grows up, the more active and expressionate they become. This means that a photo shoot with a one year old is so much fun. Never a dull moment with these sweethearts! Little girls often bring along the most beautiful dresses for their photographs too. Here, Lily’s sparkly number is perfect for this fairytale patterned backdrop.



Willow’s mummy wanted to include sunflowers with navy colours for one setup in her studio session. These colours were those used for her wedding and this adds a lovely personal touch to her images. Looking to also create some natural images of her daughter, we included cosy blankets and managed to capture some adorable big smiles.



This week, five month old Amber popped to the studio here in the Northern Quarter for her first baby photoshoot. As seen below in the image with a green blanket, her older brother Jake had a session here when he was the same age. Amber’s parents requested the same pose for her session, using turquoise. These images together are a wonderful comparison of the two babies.



Six month old babies may be my favourite age to photograph. Old enough to sit but too young to crawl, we’re able to use the entire selection of backdrops and props. This age allows for the most variety in your session. Usually teething, this means that your little one may want to chew these props, but this can actually look super cute!


Weekly Roundup • February 12th – 16th

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The bespoke baby photography studio is full of props, accessories and patterned backdrops. With so much choice, you’re sure to come away with a creative and unique baby photography collection.
Floral backdrops and blankets are my favourite for baby girls. This week, nine week old Ophelia had the most gorgeous vintage dress to wear for her photographs.



Floral bonnets are the accessory that is most loved by clients. Although these are perfect for baby girls, I’ll be adding a bonnet suitable for boys soon too! Stay tuned 😉



Vintage suitcases are also a much loved prop that are available to use for your baby photo session in the studio. Two month old, Luna was super comfy lying here – as you can tell with her leg up and tongue out! Photography props aren’t just great for adding style, these are a great way to mark the size of your little mini. Luna was photographed alongside a stuffed badger toy which she was brought home from hospital with as a newborn. Not only is this a lovely personal touch, but as part of a Baby’s First Year collection, this will also put her into perspective over all three sessions in her first year.


Ten week old babies can be so happy and smiley. The was certainly the case with Edison. Having just mastered this new skill and with so many interesting things to look at in the studio, he was so happy – especially in this second image! Note: baby was supported the entire time with this setup.
This sweet baby boy was also fantastic at tummy time, which can sometimes be hit and miss at this age.



This week it has been half-term at school, so it’s the perfect time to arrange a family photography sessions with your little one’s older brother or sister. Sibling images are so important for your family memories – grandparents always LOVE these too.
The next school break is in April, for Easter. The studio schedule is nearly fully booked for this time so make sure to book now!


Adding a personal touch to your baby’s photo collection is always something I encourage. Especially for newborn babies. A family member had knitted a blanket for the arrival of baby Elliot, so this was super important to include in his newborn session.


This week, Liam had the third and final session as part of his Baby’s First Year collection. One year olds have so much character, which is such a joy to capture. Already walking, Liam’s cheeky expression shows he’s pretty happy to be mobile!
Fun fact: I had also photographed his older brother for the same collection back in 2015!


In the studio this week, another gorgeous baby girl called Luna! With such a gorgeous and unique name, I couldn’t resist adding a moon and stars setup. Along with floral bonnets, rainbows and a teepee, Luna’s sitter session is super dreamy.


Weekly Roundup • February 5th – 9th

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Hello! We’re halfway through February, so that surely means it’s nearly Spring, right?! Okay, maybe not. But hopefully these gorgeous floral baby portraits will add a little bit of sunshine to your day.

Liliana’s mum had put a lot of thought into the themes and styles of her photo shoot. A lover of travelling, she wanted to include a vintage suitcase into the collection and the studio just happens to have three of these props. Matched with a cherry blossom background and the gorgeous Liliana herself, the final image is stunning.
Continuing with the floral and vintage themes, we followed on with neutral setups, including orchid flowers to compliment her cream sparkly dress. Baby girls have the most useful outfits and I’m always a fan of those from H&M.



This week I bought a new vintage telephone prop from one of my favourite antique shops. Although I’m sure the delicate detailing is not going to last long (at the hands of babies), this is really a great accessory for your baby session.
Following her newborn photoshoot, eight month old Amber returned to the studio this week for her sitter session. Sitter sessions, for babies around 6-9 months, are so much fun and my style of photography is perfect for this age. Also, being able to see babies grow up between photo sessions is one of my all-time favourite things. Especially following a newborn session, it’s like a whole new baby!



One year old, Lola has just completed her Baby’s First Year collection. Having spotted the backdrop seen below on Instagram, her lovely mummy knew this was the one she must include too.
For the final session in her group of three for this deal (newborn, 6 months & 12 months), we included a girly Cake Smash along with is similar colour background beforehand. Like most babies / toddlers her age, Lola is nearly standing up and is cruising around furniture at home. Capturing this milestone is essential and I have the perfect chair at my Northern Quarter studio which is just the right height for this.



Eight week old, Amelia. Babies at this age are so cute. Still small enough to remember the newborn stage but now smiling and showing their character.
One photograph I love to take around this age is a side-profile image. Whilst looking up towards mum, not only can I capture truly loving smiles but this angle shows off all the precious details of your little one. Button noses. Pouty lips. Soft new hair. Not to mention those lashes!


Willow was exactly two weeks old for her newborn photo session this week. Her older sister, Amelie, also had her newborn session here at the studio back in 2014. It’s crazy how similar the two gorgeous girls look at the same age. Including siblings in any session is always great fun and creates such memories to treasure. I find this especially awesome when the (now oldest) child is more than three years older than when we last met. These two sisters are the sweetest together, even at such a young age. The bond they have is lovely to see – just look how proud Amelie is in these photographs!

( This collection makes me wish I had a sister too. No offence to my actual brother. Sorry dude. )



Harriet is another little girl who has just completed her Baby’s First Year photo collection this week. I’ve spoke a lot in previous blog posts about creating a continuing theme to include, for at least one setup, in each of your three sessions. Spread over one year, this is a great way to show how much your little one has grown and changed. Whilst we have always included soft pastel colours, I have photographed Harriet at newborn, six months and twelve months, using the blush rose pink blanket seen below. At each session we have also used the same floral headband – this alone puts her into perspective each time.



This week (actually, like most weeks, amazingly) I was lucky enough to welcome a return client back to the studio, having first had a session with myself a couple of years ago. This is always a huge compliment and I really love to catch up with clients in this way.
Here we have Amelia with her new baby sister, Ashleigh. We wanted to include purples in Ashleigh’s newborn session so that it would match the Amelia’s collection too. I’m a huge fan of girls in purple, along with greens and blues – who says it should just be pink?!



At four months old, Ellie, like all babies this age, is not sitting up independently yet. This doesn’t mean she isn’t happy doing so. She loves it! In the first two images below, I’ve worked my Photoshop magic to remove mum from the shot on the left. So, with mummy holding on, Ellie could see the whole of the studio and she had the biggest smiles for us. She also had her daddy next to me for entertainment. Usually, the things we have to do behind the camera to get these smiles are hilarious. But Ellie was so naturally chilled and happy that it didn’t take too much dancing around from us!



On Friday this week, Alex had his sitter baby session, at seven months old. His older brother Dominic was so excited to be included in a photo shoot again. Having first modelled for his own Baby’s First Year collection here, he’s also joined in on Alex’s newborn session. So with all this experience, he surely is a professional model now, right? He did step out of the limelight long enough for his baby brother to have his photographs taken on his own though 😉
Mum had planned this session excellently and knew exactly what she wanted to include. With this organisation and super happy, photogenic children, this sure does make my job easy!



Zahra is another gorgeous little girl who is basically a professional in front of the camera. She’s now had four separate photo sessions over the last year. Each with different themes, she’s always the happiest little girl each time. For this session, having spotted the rainbow backdrop on an earlier Instagram post, her family had planned to bring along all of her favourite toys. Now taking her first steps, the cheeky look on her face shows how full of life she is.
We also had a number of family portraits in this most recent session. Including parents, aunties and grandparents, this collection is truly one that all the family will treasure. The huge range of backdrops available at the studio also allows your portraits to stand out from the crowd.

Side note, I NEED this rocking horse in my life.



Lastly on this week’s blog, another heart-melting sister photo session. Booked as a newborn session for this family’s new bundle of joy, here we have one of the best behaved toddlers too. This bed setup is always a client favourite, which is great as it looks lovely from all angles and can be used in so many ways – from newborn sessions to babies, to toddlers. Adding in a watercolour pink backdrop, this image is one of my favourites. It will be lovely to see this little one grow up – check back in six months for the second session in her Baby’s First Year collection! 😉

Weekly Roundup • January 29th – February 2nd

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Baby’s First Year collections are my favourite and for good reason! Arranging a photo session at newborn, six months and twelve months is a wonderful way to create memories of these milestones.
Paige returned to the studio this week for the second part of this collection. Having first met at The Baby and Beyond Show in Liverpool, it was so lovely to see how much she has grown since her newborn session last year.



Cake smash sessions are always full of surprises. One year olds aren’t really going to have had much cake in their lifetime, so their reaction to having a giant cake all to themselves is priceless.
Some love to push their hands into the cake and squish it up. Other babies don’t like to get messy hands. Whilst most can’t believe their luck and tuck straight into the sweet stuff, occasionally this is all too much. Generally however, it’s me who makes the most mess, and with a setup this perfect, it’s no biggie if your little one doesn’t tuck into the cake quite as you had hoped.



Four month old Freddie was so happy for his photo session this week. Some four month olds aren’t quite so happy with tummy time but he just loved it! We had initially planned for neutral colours in the collection, however he arrived at the studio in the cutest little Superman babygro and I had the perfect backdrop already out. So here he is, Superbaby. Ready to save the world!


Ava’s collection is full of girly pastel colours. The studio has so many perfect backdrops to match this theme. Along with selecting backdrops with pink roses and a lavender blanket, the fairytale background is dream come true!


Before arriving at the studio for your photo session, it helps to have an idea of your preferred package or number of images. Having a budget in mind allows me to plan your session as best as I can, creating enough variety for your final collection. This will also make it easier for you when we come to look through the images at the end of the session and choose your favourites. For Ava’s three month session, we knew to choose four different setups and her family had such fun looking through all of the different backdrops.


In the studio, there are numerous props for babies of all ages. I have a couple of ‘go-to’ props for certain age bands too. One of which is this bucket which I painted myself a few years back. Sturdy and the perfect size, it’s great for babies who can’t quite sit up unaided yet. Of course, a parent is close by, just off camera.



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Weekly Roundup • January 22nd – 26th

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Sitter sessions are one of my favourites. Babies at this age are so happy and smily, they really are a joy to work with – sometimes my job doesn’t even feel like work!
Seven month old Ivy was so animated in the studio on Monday and she loved to clap hands. Mum loved pastel pinks and neutral colours and chose these lovely patterned pink backgrounds for her photo collection.


At the start of all sessions, we discuss what it is you’re looking to capture from your photoshoot. Looking though outfit choices and matching up backgrounds to create the perfect collection for your baby.
Two month old Phoebe was super chilled in the studio – she even started to fall asleep in the bucket! We wanted to capture a range of different setups and props to show how tiny and new she still is at this age. Beds and buckets were perfect for this and I adore these floral backgrounds!



Dhillon had his first photoshoot in the studio back in July and retuned this week on the day of his first birthday for a cake smash session. We had planned a blue theme for the shoot and the set was designed using a selection of accessories that are available here in the studio – I have a large range of accessories in every colour to choose from.
On the day of the session, Dillon didn’t want anything to do with his cake – which can be understood, it’s probably the first time he’s seen a cake this big and most babies have never tasted something this sweet before. However, we got some gorgeous smiles and it all worked out. Was it photoshopped? Maybe.. 😉


Amahle was nine days old for her newborn session on Tuesday, this week. Following the preparation details for the session, she had been awake for a good few hours before the shoot and was perfectly sleepy when she arrived. Mum knew exactly which props she wanted to use for the collection – having spotted a few favourites on instagram. Including older brothers and sisters in the photographs too are always so precious!


At sixteen months old, Erik was quick to spot the classic pedal-car in the studio – this is such a favourite for little boys. Creating more natural collection, these images are all about capturing his personality, with bright coloured backgrounds!


Following on from his newborn session, Jacob retuned to the photo studio this week for his sitter session. A chevron backdrop was a chosen favourite for one setup. Matched with a hazelnut floor, this keeps the tone of the collection similar to the neutral colours used over both collections.
When creating a Baby’s First Year collection, I love to use props that can be used each time. Here we used a vintage suitcase which really shows how much Jacob has grown over six months!



Muhammed is soon to be one year old and has recently mastered how to crawl. This cheeky boy is surely off to cause some trouble, so this superhero themed backdrop was the perfect match. I think this is my new favourite for boys, it’s so bold and fun! Within his session, we also took family images and ended on a star themed cake smash. As all digital images are purchased with personal print rights, this image is going to be used on the invitations for his first birthday party.



Another reason why I love six month old babies? The rolls! Chunky legs and arm rolls – j’adore!
One of my favourite things (beside putting babies in buckets, obviously) is when babies hold their toes. So bendy! Connor’s six month session really captures all of the milestones at this age – toes, tummy time and prop shots.


Eight month old Harlie melts my heart! She had the biggest smiles and giggles for her daddy in the studio this week. Flowers and floral bonnets were on the must-have list for this session and the result is adorable. Thanks to Harlie’s mummy for sending over this behind the scenes video of the session too!


After two weeks of shooting sessions with new backdrops, I’ve found so many new favourites and there’s really something to suit everyone. On Friday, Eleanor arrived at the studio in cloud styled outfit which was absolutely perfect for this rainbow backdrop. I mean, does it get any better than this?!
Named after a song by The Beatles (‘Eleanor Rigby’), we just had to include her custom-made cloth nappy too – all nappies should be this cool.



Last up in the studio, on Friday afternoon, a lovely young family with their four week old little boy. Tiny enough to use the newborn props and baskets, but alert enough to capture smiles and character. We included blankets that were hand-made by close family. I love adding a personal touch to your session, and blankets or teddies are perfect for this.


Weekly Roundup • January 15th – 19th

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It’s the start of a brand new year and 2018 is looking to be exciting as heck!

The new studio looks amazing and I’m super pleased with its cosy colourfulness. New additions to the studio this year include a large selection of patterned backdrops, which I cannot wait to start using!
It’s a true home from home for me and I love inviting clients, old and new, to share this space with me. So come in, make a brew, slip off those shoes and make yourself at home.


After being in business for over six years, the studio is lucky enough to have a lovely lot of you following the journey and booking sessions up to six months in advance. This being the case, the schedule for sessions usually books up completely around one month in advance – advise to new followers, make sure to book ahead of time to ensure your desired date!


Returning after the Christmas break, first in was a newborn session for 23 day old, Ava.
As this little lady was a over the ‘two week rule’, we didn’t capture any sleepy shots of her but we were all happy to go ahead. She was super happy chilling out in the studio, having a nosey at her new surroundings – so alert! Awake newborns give the best expressions and these can often make for the most engaging images.



Next up I had the pleasure of completing second Bump to Baby collection for Justine, following her maternity session before Christmas – and the first collection three years ago for her first born, William. These two boys are so loved and there’s already a special bond between the brothers. Opting for a neutral theme for the photographs, the combined result is wonderful.



The studio specialises in baby photography, so it’s not often I book a full family portrait, but that’s not to say that these images are less important. I’d say they’re more so! Especially when the session not only just includes parents, but grandparents AND great-grandparents. If you’re lucky enough to have these people in your life, creating a family portrait like this is something to be treasured – Even when your 18 month old refuses to get out of the toy car! #improvise



Watching babies grow up is one of the many joys of my job. When parents schedule a Baby’s First Year package, it always amazes me how much their little mini has grown and changed in the last six months.
When Elijah was in the studio for his newborn session, he was sleeping soundly and cuddling up to this teddy bear. This time, teething meant he only wanted to chew it!


Another lovely previous client returned to the studio this week, again three years after a sitter session for baby number 1. Olivia is the just the sweetest little girl – look at that smile! Her new little sister, just 18 days old here, looks the double of her and was so sleepy for her newborn session this week. Perfect newborns AND perfect siblings? You girls make my job easy 😉


Continuing with perfect older sisters, this little lady was SO excited to be having a photo shoot. Her five week old brother was supposed to be the star of this particular show, but any opportunity to get in on the photographs and she would jump at the chance!


Bright colours are definitely my thing and are the style of photographs taken in the studio, however a lot of clients do request to use neutral colours in their session too. This cream flokati rug is definitely my go-to for a lot of things and I love the tone it creates. Blondies always suit this tone and this is definitely the case for nine week old Erin. Simple images are all we need to see her natural beauty!


At nine months old, George is not only crawling, but confidently cruising as well – that’s fantastic! However, this age does add an extra challenge to photographers trying to get babies to sit still long enough to get a good shot. Solution? Props. Anything new and exciting works great at this age and you’ll be surprised how much babies and toddlers love being in a bucket!

Of course, with any prop shot, at any age, baby safety is the absolute first priority. I never allow little one’s to get in or on something which isn’t stable, safe or the right size. A parent is on guard inches away and I simply edit them out.


Following on with baby safety, there’s a lot of babies who I photograph in the studio who aren’t completely confident at sitting up independently yet. In this case, as in the examples below, I always request that parents hold on to their little ones during the shoot and then I simply work my Photoshop magic!



Newborn sessions are best known for producing sleepy / curled up images. Posed newborns look adorable, but this style may not be how you will remember your new baby during these first few weeks. I have noticed a lot of parents requesting these more natural image styles and I’m totally loving photographing newborns awake – just look at this pout!


When planning your unique baby photo session, I discuss the preferred colours to include within your collection. These are usually tailored around your favourites or the style of your home and it works well to continue a colour palette over a Baby’s First Year collection.
Fearne has now had three photo sessions in her first year, all of which we used nude / colours. For her one year old session, we used this gorgeous new pastel floral backdrop which is sure to become a new client favourite!


Sweet baby Lissie was two weeks and two days old for her newborn session this week. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of also photographing her big brother as a newborn and we wanted to match up some of the images from his session. Poses requested were the ever popular head on hands, and more notably, a full length image on a chair. Importantly made up as a composite for safety, this photograph will look stunning alongside big brother’s newborn image which is on a yellow chair.




The studio’s new collection of patterned backdrops are looking to be a big hit with clients. I’ve always made an effort to ensure that baby boys have just as many props and accessories as baby girls – which is sometimes hard as there is such a large selection of headbands available to use! I’ve organised the new backdrops into handy print-outs which will make it easy to choose a perfect style for your own collection.


Finishing off the blog for this week is the last session of this busy first week back. Another return client from a couple of years back, three month old Oliver is the newest addition to this lovely young family. They had planned their collection perfectly and wanted four final images from their session – two individual images of Oliver, one family portray and one image with his big brother.


Theo, Isaac & Louis

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We had adorable Theo in the studio with big brother Isaac and baby cousin Louis!

Theo was so content and totally chilled out, he didn’t fuss and was sleeping throughout the session! He looked absolutely lovely in a few of our props however he looked especially adorable in a favourite of ours, which was suggested by auntie, and it was a lovely little wooden basket which really emphasises how small and tiny he is at this age!

Mum had Theo in a few shots with big brother Isaac and they looked so cute together, Isaac had worn some headphones in a shoot prior, and mum wanted to bring this back for continuity and to see how big he’d gotten from the last time he wore them! We put the headphones on baby Theo too, and they looked so big! It was super cute.

Isaac was such a delight, we loved how chatty he was. Delicately asking questions with such politeness and curiosity, we love seeing curious babies with good manners! It was adorable hearing him sound out his words and chatter to himself.

Little Louis was such a happy baby, he was super content and smiling away – giggling throughout the whole session! We don’t think we’ve seen a more happier baby, and his smiles were the best.

Cute Vincent!

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Vincent arrived in the studio totally calm and content to sit quietly and explore, he was quite subdued at first but as soon as he was familiar with his surroundings he was off like a rocket!

Vincent’s shoot felt like it flew by, there was so much fun to be had with his wonderful expressions – he’d turn and give the best grin, before giggling and turning away again. We loved seeing how much fun he was having, even if we weren’t included in his little word!

His startling blue eyes made for a perfect match with our lovely deep blue backdrop, bringing his gorgeous eyes out even more and adding a lovely striking look to the pictures. Mum wanted a few cheeky pictures, so we popped him in a lovely little box she’d brought along, and he looked so adorable and tiny sitting inside it!

We love how most of these snaps are an indicator of his age, his teeth are coming in and we can see him taking his first steps in a few! We love that we managed to capture such a special moment on camera, and even Mum was happy with how we caught his first step unassisted perfectly!




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Professional baby and child photography studio in Manchester's Northern Quarter.
3 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DN
 0161 222 9470

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