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Shy Erin

Posted on 7th April 2016 by Admin under Girls, Studio
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Erin was in the studio and she was quite shy today! Mum and Dad told us that she is usually a very smiley and cheery baby, however she was quite nervous about being somewhere new, which we understand.

Erin is in the crawling stages, and it was super fun to see her shuffling about on her bottom and moving herself forwards whilst sitting – it was so cute!

We managed to get a few wonderful snaps of her, with a few shy smiles peeking out, giving her that wonderfully childlike and innocent look that was enchanting. With the pastel tones used with the teepee, Erin looked every bit the angel and we absolutely love how the pictures turned out! The bright and neutral tones went wonderfully with her pastel pink dress and floral bunting, bringing an overall subtle femininity to the shoot.

We also went ahead and used a few bright colours to add a fun vibrancy to the shoot, bringing Erin out of her shell a little and adding brighter atmosphere.

Erin had the best of expressions during her cake smash, totally immersed with the cake, she almost avoided looking at the camera entirely! She was quite interested in the rainbow cake, and seemed to enjoy the taste – which we’re totally jealous about!

Cheeky Harry

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Harry was in the studio and he had such energy!

Chatting away to us all and letting us know exactly how he felt about everything, which we have to admit, is super cute.

We loved seeing him explore the studio, confidently getting in front of the camera and doing his own thing. Mum wanted to have a few fun props out during the shoot, and one of those being our popular bubble machine!

Harry had the best expressions once the bubbles were out, you can see the absolute concentration on his face and how determined he was to get those bubbles! His hair had the tendency to stick up at the back, much to Mum’s dismay, but we found it adorable – it gave him a very youthful and ruffled look.

Mum also wanted to get a few shots with Harry in an Easter theme and what’s better than a delicious Easter egg?!

We loved how Harry was clutching the Easter egg, with such delicate hands and care – clearly a little boy who knows how to take care of chocolate.. We approve!

Bubbly Noah!

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Little Noah was in the studio, and boy did he have energy! We’re not so sure on where he gets it all from, but we bet he keeps Mum and Dad very busy!

Noah was quite the well behaved baby, he was chatting away to Mum and Dad and super curious about what was going on in the studio and what everyone was up to.

During the shoot he gave us the best of expressions, alongside the toothiest of grins with a lovely little cheeky expression on his face, we’re guessing he was planning mischief!

As Mum has had a session with Noah as a baby, we couldn’t resist placing him in a few props that we used during his earlier shoots. Looking at the images from his previous shoots and comparing them to now makes us happy to be able to see how big Noah has grown, and how his wonderful personality just keeps getting bigger!

Baby Isaac!

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Baby Isaac was in the studio and he was super cute!

We loved how curious and energetic he was, especially with his adorable little baby shuffling! Mum had brought a cute little teddy bear for him to cuddle with during the shoot, and we love the dynamics in the pictures. There was a lovely childlike and innocent theme which really encompasses Isaac’s age and his childlike charms.

The shoot flew by, and we had such fun with Isaac and his antics – he was so cute with his baby chatter and his cheekiness! He was always ready to explore the next thing and find the best adventure – a lovely trait in babies, we think!

We can’t wait to see Isaac when’s gotten bigger!


Lovely Ella!

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Little Ella was in the studio and she was absolutely precious.

Mum and Dad had such fun getting cheeky smiles out of her, and the outfits they had picked for her were lovely! We love adorable babies in funky and colourful outfits, they always manage to pull them off wonderfully. A particular favourite of ours is the pastel floral headband with the matching shorts. The outfit just adds such fun and character to the shoot, and we just love how well it suited Ella!

Mum had fun picking out adorable accessories to match her outfits, baby headbands and little bows are the cutest!

We used a few bright shades for her, a yellow bright backdrop which was Mum’s favourite, and it was lovely to see Ella wearing one of the first dresses Mum and Dad had bought for her! We personally adored seeing Ella experience bubbles for the first time, she was so excited and loved seeing them pop. Her eyes were wide in surprise, and she looked so cute!

Mum and Dad found it difficult to pick a favourite, and seemed to love all the images – and we don’t blame them! Ella managed to look absolutely precious and endearing in all the pictures, looking  innocent and childlike, whilst pulling off the girly look flawlessly!

Cousins in the studio!

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We had a girls day today, and it was made more fun with three adorable cousins who filled the studio with chatter and giggles!

They had such wonderful dresses and seemed to enjoy wandering around the studio and exploring! We had the girls in a few different settings, using bright colours and a pink backdrop to add a bit of a feminine personality, focusing primarily on the dynamics between the girls.

We had quite a few adorable snaps where you can see their personalities shining through. Sarah was very curious about the studio, exploring away and trying on many of our props, Paige being an adorable little newborn was content and didn’t fuss at all! Little Emily was a great helper and made sure her cousins were happy and smiling at the camera, she even gave us a hand with tidying up!

Sarah was chatting away and it was adorable to see her blonde curls sticking up in either direction, she was trying on a few of our glasses props and placing them atop her own, she was so cute! We could tell she was loving our car prop, she kept going towards it with our beaded necklaces in hand, a little fashionista, we’d say!

There are plenty of things we love about babies, but a few things always stick out for us; baby rolls, baby chatter, and sneezes!

Having the three girls together in the studio made us think of how lovely it is to see such a lovely sisterly bond at a young age, which was even more special seeing them look after each other and playing together happily.


Baby Ruthie!

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Ruthie popped into the studio today and we loved how expressive she was!

In every snap she was smiling away and showing off her new teeth which were coming in, which we think is the cutest. She’ll be turning one soon and mum had dressed her in a lovely sparkly shirt with the number one displayed, which went wonderfully with her pink tutu!

Ruthie, however, was more interested in playing with our ducky! Like all babies she was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and would giggle when Dad would bring it out, making funny quacking noises to get her smiling.

Mum had dressed her in a lovely and vibrant pink tutu, which when accidentally paired with a Peppa Pig cuddly, looked super adorable! The pink hues went wonderfully together and we can’t help but love how cute it all looks together! We used a few chair props to add character, our favourite is our low seated chair which boasts an array of patterned textiles and tones – Ruthie made it perfect with her adorable poses, pointing here and there whilst grinning away!

Lovely Lottie

Posted on 31st March 2016 by Admin under Girls, Newborn
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Six day old Lottie was in the studio and she was so good!

She was asleep during the majority of the shoot and only woke up twice to let us know she was hungry. Her adorable brother, Isaac, who’s all grown up from the last time he visited, came along and we loved how energetic and chatty he was!

He was quite funny, his response to most things was either a “Yes!” or a “No!” we love how vocal he was, responding with the same answer whenever Mum or Dad asked him anything. We let him try the glasses and bow tie prop accessories on, and he looked so dapper! Unfortunately he was too interested in playing than to get in a picture with his sister!

Newborn sessions tend to go very smoothly, they’re a lot more relaxed and calm, the only occasional complaint from baby wanting food, and Lottie was no different. She was an absolute angel and didn’t fuss, which made it super easy to get her in a variety of shots and different settings.

Mum likes the minimalist and neutral look, so we tried to focus on incorporating this a lot more in the shoot.

We eventually managed to get Isaac in with Lottie, and did they look cute! You could see the similarities between the siblings and it was lovely to see such a wide dynamic of neutral and minimalist tones during the shoot. Perfect for hanging up in the home!

Cute Dominic!

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The first thing we noticed about little Dominic was his gorgeous blue eyes, coupled with an adorably shy smile, he was so precious during the shoot!

Dominic had a newborn cousin Emily who came along to the shoot, so we had a few shots of the cousins together alongside two cute twin teddies which looked so cute together. We used a few neutral and warm tones, adding a bit of warmth to the shoot. The shoot flew by, Dominic was very well behaved and Emily was asleep during the majority of the shoot!

We managed to get a few varied images, using different props and accessories to add a more dynamic personality – which we think worked wonderfully!

Adorable Taya!

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Little Taya was in the studio and she was super adorable!

Taya is quite the model baby, and it’s so great to see how big she’s grown since her last session! She was quite shy today and gave us a few smiles,     and was more content to crawl around the studio – which was amusing to see with her dress getting in her way, she managed and she was super fast all the while!

She enjoyed tearing apart our flower bouquet prop, and we managed to bribe her with a few beaded necklaces to distract her! You’ll see quite a few fun moments in the shoot where her cheeky personality shone through and she was being mischievous. Mum wanted to put her in a lovely flower crown, however she was having none of it! She took it off straight away, not before we managed a snap!

We absolutely love the colours used here, her eyes really sparkle with the deep rose colours.

Taya is turning one soon, so we had to celebrate with a Cake Smash – she was on it before we had set it down, and it was quite amusing to see her destroy the cake before taking a taste.. Which from her expression, is clear it was a shock!