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Shy Erin

Posted on 7th April 2016 by Admin under Girls, Studio
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Erin was in the studio and she was quite shy today! Mum and Dad told us that she is usually a very smiley and cheery baby, however she was quite nervous about being somewhere new, which we understand.

Erin is in the crawling stages, and it was super fun to see her shuffling about on her bottom and moving herself forwards whilst sitting – it was so cute!

We managed to get a few wonderful snaps of her, with a few shy smiles peeking out, giving her that wonderfully childlike and innocent look that was enchanting. With the pastel tones used with the teepee, Erin looked every bit the angel and we absolutely love how the pictures turned out! The bright and neutral tones went wonderfully with her pastel pink dress and floral bunting, bringing an overall subtle femininity to the shoot.

We also went ahead and used a few bright colours to add a fun vibrancy to the shoot, bringing Erin out of her shell a little and adding brighter atmosphere.

Erin had the best of expressions during her cake smash, totally immersed with the cake, she almost avoided looking at the camera entirely! She was quite interested in the rainbow cake, and seemed to enjoy the taste – which we’re totally jealous about!

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