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Shy Henry!

Posted on 24th March 2016 by Admin under Boys, Studio
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Baby Henry was in the studio today and he was super shy! Mum and Dad were having fun getting shy smiles out of him, and he really perked up once he caught sight of our little ducky prop.

He seemed content onwards to have his pictures taken, giving us adorable and cheeky smiles. With his blonde hair and bright blue eyes, he looked like a perfect little model baby! Mum wanted him in a few minimal outfits, keeping it simple with a classic white t-shirt and blue jeans.

We used a few of our favourites, a lovely classic Victorian themed chair and the much adored earthy looking wooden bed prop. The bed prop was a favourite for Mum, and we can understand why – it looks super elegant and timeless!

Dad loved the suitcases we placed Henry in, creating a stacked and layered effect inside – watching Henry trying to puzzle out his situation when placed inside was very funny!

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