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Weekly Roundup • February 12th – 16th

Posted on 18th February 2018 by Admin under February 2018, Girls, Siblings
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The bespoke baby photography studio is full of props, accessories and patterned backdrops. With so much choice, you’re sure to come away with a creative and unique baby photography collection.
Floral backdrops and blankets are my favourite for baby girls. This week, nine week old Ophelia had the most gorgeous vintage dress to wear for her photographs.



Floral bonnets are the accessory that is most loved by clients. Although these are perfect for baby girls, I’ll be adding a bonnet suitable for boys soon too! Stay tuned 😉



Vintage suitcases are also a much loved prop that are available to use for your baby photo session in the studio. Two month old, Luna was super comfy lying here – as you can tell with her leg up and tongue out! Photography props aren’t just great for adding style, these are a great way to mark the size of your little mini. Luna was photographed alongside a stuffed badger toy which she was brought home from hospital with as a newborn. Not only is this a lovely personal touch, but as part of a Baby’s First Year collection, this will also put her into perspective over all three sessions in her first year.


Ten week old babies can be so happy and smiley. The was certainly the case with Edison. Having just mastered this new skill and with so many interesting things to look at in the studio, he was so happy – especially in this second image! Note: baby was supported the entire time with this setup.
This sweet baby boy was also fantastic at tummy time, which can sometimes be hit and miss at this age.



This week it has been half-term at school, so it’s the perfect time to arrange a family photography sessions with your little one’s older brother or sister. Sibling images are so important for your family memories – grandparents always LOVE these too.
The next school break is in April, for Easter. The studio schedule is nearly fully booked for this time so make sure to book now!


Adding a personal touch to your baby’s photo collection is always something I encourage. Especially for newborn babies. A family member had knitted a blanket for the arrival of baby Elliot, so this was super important to include in his newborn session.


This week, Liam had the third and final session as part of his Baby’s First Year collection. One year olds have so much character, which is such a joy to capture. Already walking, Liam’s cheeky expression shows he’s pretty happy to be mobile!
Fun fact: I had also photographed his older brother for the same collection back in 2015!


In the studio this week, another gorgeous baby girl called Luna! With such a gorgeous and unique name, I couldn’t resist adding a moon and stars setup. Along with floral bonnets, rainbows and a teepee, Luna’s sitter session is super dreamy.


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