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Weekly Roundup • February 5th – 9th

Posted on 13th February 2018 by Admin under Family Portraits, February 2018, Siblings
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Hello! We’re halfway through February, so that surely means it’s nearly Spring, right?! Okay, maybe not. But hopefully these gorgeous floral baby portraits will add a little bit of sunshine to your day.

Liliana’s mum had put a lot of thought into the themes and styles of her photo shoot. A lover of travelling, she wanted to include a vintage suitcase into the collection and the studio just happens to have three of these props. Matched with a cherry blossom background and the gorgeous Liliana herself, the final image is stunning.
Continuing with the floral and vintage themes, we followed on with neutral setups, including orchid flowers to compliment her cream sparkly dress. Baby girls have the most useful outfits and I’m always a fan of those from H&M.



This week I bought a new vintage telephone prop from one of my favourite antique shops. Although I’m sure the delicate detailing is not going to last long (at the hands of babies), this is really a great accessory for your baby session.
Following her newborn photoshoot, eight month old Amber returned to the studio this week for her sitter session. Sitter sessions, for babies around 6-9 months, are so much fun and my style of photography is perfect for this age. Also, being able to see babies grow up between photo sessions is one of my all-time favourite things. Especially following a newborn session, it’s like a whole new baby!



One year old, Lola has just completed her Baby’s First Year collection. Having spotted the backdrop seen below on Instagram, her lovely mummy knew this was the one she must include too.
For the final session in her group of three for this deal (newborn, 6 months & 12 months), we included a girly Cake Smash along with is similar colour background beforehand. Like most babies / toddlers her age, Lola is nearly standing up and is cruising around furniture at home. Capturing this milestone is essential and I have the perfect chair at my Northern Quarter studio which is just the right height for this.



Eight week old, Amelia. Babies at this age are so cute. Still small enough to remember the newborn stage but now smiling and showing their character.
One photograph I love to take around this age is a side-profile image. Whilst looking up towards mum, not only can I capture truly loving smiles but this angle shows off all the precious details of your little one. Button noses. Pouty lips. Soft new hair. Not to mention those lashes!


Willow was exactly two weeks old for her newborn photo session this week. Her older sister, Amelie, also had her newborn session here at the studio back in 2014. It’s crazy how similar the two gorgeous girls look at the same age. Including siblings in any session is always great fun and creates such memories to treasure. I find this especially awesome when the (now oldest) child is more than three years older than when we last met. These two sisters are the sweetest together, even at such a young age. The bond they have is lovely to see – just look how proud Amelie is in these photographs!

( This collection makes me wish I had a sister too. No offence to my actual brother. Sorry dude. )



Harriet is another little girl who has just completed her Baby’s First Year photo collection this week. I’ve spoke a lot in previous blog posts about creating a continuing theme to include, for at least one setup, in each of your three sessions. Spread over one year, this is a great way to show how much your little one has grown and changed. Whilst we have always included soft pastel colours, I have photographed Harriet at newborn, six months and twelve months, using the blush rose pink blanket seen below. At each session we have also used the same floral headband – this alone puts her into perspective each time.



This week (actually, like most weeks, amazingly) I was lucky enough to welcome a return client back to the studio, having first had a session with myself a couple of years ago. This is always a huge compliment and I really love to catch up with clients in this way.
Here we have Amelia with her new baby sister, Ashleigh. We wanted to include purples in Ashleigh’s newborn session so that it would match the Amelia’s collection too. I’m a huge fan of girls in purple, along with greens and blues – who says it should just be pink?!



At four months old, Ellie, like all babies this age, is not sitting up independently yet. This doesn’t mean she isn’t happy doing so. She loves it! In the first two images below, I’ve worked my Photoshop magic to remove mum from the shot on the left. So, with mummy holding on, Ellie could see the whole of the studio and she had the biggest smiles for us. She also had her daddy next to me for entertainment. Usually, the things we have to do behind the camera to get these smiles are hilarious. But Ellie was so naturally chilled and happy that it didn’t take too much dancing around from us!



On Friday this week, Alex had his sitter baby session, at seven months old. His older brother Dominic was so excited to be included in a photo shoot again. Having first modelled for his own Baby’s First Year collection here, he’s also joined in on Alex’s newborn session. So with all this experience, he surely is a professional model now, right? He did step out of the limelight long enough for his baby brother to have his photographs taken on his own though 😉
Mum had planned this session excellently and knew exactly what she wanted to include. With this organisation and super happy, photogenic children, this sure does make my job easy!



Zahra is another gorgeous little girl who is basically a professional in front of the camera. She’s now had four separate photo sessions over the last year. Each with different themes, she’s always the happiest little girl each time. For this session, having spotted the rainbow backdrop on an earlier Instagram post, her family had planned to bring along all of her favourite toys. Now taking her first steps, the cheeky look on her face shows how full of life she is.
We also had a number of family portraits in this most recent session. Including parents, aunties and grandparents, this collection is truly one that all the family will treasure. The huge range of backdrops available at the studio also allows your portraits to stand out from the crowd.

Side note, I NEED this rocking horse in my life.



Lastly on this week’s blog, another heart-melting sister photo session. Booked as a newborn session for this family’s new bundle of joy, here we have one of the best behaved toddlers too. This bed setup is always a client favourite, which is great as it looks lovely from all angles and can be used in so many ways – from newborn sessions to babies, to toddlers. Adding in a watercolour pink backdrop, this image is one of my favourites. It will be lovely to see this little one grow up – check back in six months for the second session in her Baby’s First Year collection! 😉

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