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Weekly Roundup • January 15th – 19th

Posted on 21st January 2018 by Admin under January 2018, Studio
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It’s the start of a brand new year and 2018 is looking to be exciting as heck!

The new studio looks amazing and I’m super pleased with its cosy colourfulness. New additions to the studio this year include a large selection of patterned backdrops, which I cannot wait to start using!
It’s a true home from home for me and I love inviting clients, old and new, to share this space with me. So come in, make a brew, slip off those shoes and make yourself at home.


After being in business for over six years, the studio is lucky enough to have a lovely lot of you following the journey and booking sessions up to six months in advance. This being the case, the schedule for sessions usually books up completely around one month in advance – advise to new followers, make sure to book ahead of time to ensure your desired date!


Returning after the Christmas break, first in was a newborn session for 23 day old, Ava.
As this little lady was a over the ‘two week rule’, we didn’t capture any sleepy shots of her but we were all happy to go ahead. She was super happy chilling out in the studio, having a nosey at her new surroundings – so alert! Awake newborns give the best expressions and these can often make for the most engaging images.



Next up I had the pleasure of completing second Bump to Baby collection for Justine, following her maternity session before Christmas – and the first collection three years ago for her first born, William. These two boys are so loved and there’s already a special bond between the brothers. Opting for a neutral theme for the photographs, the combined result is wonderful.



The studio specialises in baby photography, so it’s not often I book a full family portrait, but that’s not to say that these images are less important. I’d say they’re more so! Especially when the session not only just includes parents, but grandparents AND great-grandparents. If you’re lucky enough to have these people in your life, creating a family portrait like this is something to be treasured – Even when your 18 month old refuses to get out of the toy car! #improvise



Watching babies grow up is one of the many joys of my job. When parents schedule a Baby’s First Year package, it always amazes me how much their little mini has grown and changed in the last six months.
When Elijah was in the studio for his newborn session, he was sleeping soundly and cuddling up to this teddy bear. This time, teething meant he only wanted to chew it!


Another lovely previous client returned to the studio this week, again three years after a sitter session for baby number 1. Olivia is the just the sweetest little girl – look at that smile! Her new little sister, just 18 days old here, looks the double of her and was so sleepy for her newborn session this week. Perfect newborns AND perfect siblings? You girls make my job easy 😉


Continuing with perfect older sisters, this little lady was SO excited to be having a photo shoot. Her five week old brother was supposed to be the star of this particular show, but any opportunity to get in on the photographs and she would jump at the chance!


Bright colours are definitely my thing and are the style of photographs taken in the studio, however a lot of clients do request to use neutral colours in their session too. This cream flokati rug is definitely my go-to for a lot of things and I love the tone it creates. Blondies always suit this tone and this is definitely the case for nine week old Erin. Simple images are all we need to see her natural beauty!


At nine months old, George is not only crawling, but confidently cruising as well – that’s fantastic! However, this age does add an extra challenge to photographers trying to get babies to sit still long enough to get a good shot. Solution? Props. Anything new and exciting works great at this age and you’ll be surprised how much babies and toddlers love being in a bucket!

Of course, with any prop shot, at any age, baby safety is the absolute first priority. I never allow little one’s to get in or on something which isn’t stable, safe or the right size. A parent is on guard inches away and I simply edit them out.


Following on with baby safety, there’s a lot of babies who I photograph in the studio who aren’t completely confident at sitting up independently yet. In this case, as in the examples below, I always request that parents hold on to their little ones during the shoot and then I simply work my Photoshop magic!



Newborn sessions are best known for producing sleepy / curled up images. Posed newborns look adorable, but this style may not be how you will remember your new baby during these first few weeks. I have noticed a lot of parents requesting these more natural image styles and I’m totally loving photographing newborns awake – just look at this pout!


When planning your unique baby photo session, I discuss the preferred colours to include within your collection. These are usually tailored around your favourites or the style of your home and it works well to continue a colour palette over a Baby’s First Year collection.
Fearne has now had three photo sessions in her first year, all of which we used nude / colours. For her one year old session, we used this gorgeous new pastel floral backdrop which is sure to become a new client favourite!


Sweet baby Lissie was two weeks and two days old for her newborn session this week. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of also photographing her big brother as a newborn and we wanted to match up some of the images from his session. Poses requested were the ever popular head on hands, and more notably, a full length image on a chair. Importantly made up as a composite for safety, this photograph will look stunning alongside big brother’s newborn image which is on a yellow chair.




The studio’s new collection of patterned backdrops are looking to be a big hit with clients. I’ve always made an effort to ensure that baby boys have just as many props and accessories as baby girls – which is sometimes hard as there is such a large selection of headbands available to use! I’ve organised the new backdrops into handy print-outs which will make it easy to choose a perfect style for your own collection.


Finishing off the blog for this week is the last session of this busy first week back. Another return client from a couple of years back, three month old Oliver is the newest addition to this lovely young family. They had planned their collection perfectly and wanted four final images from their session – two individual images of Oliver, one family portray and one image with his big brother.


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