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Weekly Roundup • January 29th – February 2nd

Posted on 4th February 2018 by Admin under February 2018, January 2018
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Baby’s First Year collections are my favourite and for good reason! Arranging a photo session at newborn, six months and twelve months is a wonderful way to create memories of these milestones.
Paige returned to the studio this week for the second part of this collection. Having first met at The Baby and Beyond Show in Liverpool, it was so lovely to see how much she has grown since her newborn session last year.



Cake smash sessions are always full of surprises. One year olds aren’t really going to have had much cake in their lifetime, so their reaction to having a giant cake all to themselves is priceless.
Some love to push their hands into the cake and squish it up. Other babies don’t like to get messy hands. Whilst most can’t believe their luck and tuck straight into the sweet stuff, occasionally this is all too much. Generally however, it’s me who makes the most mess, and with a setup this perfect, it’s no biggie if your little one doesn’t tuck into the cake quite as you had hoped.



Four month old Freddie was so happy for his photo session this week. Some four month olds aren’t quite so happy with tummy time but he just loved it! We had initially planned for neutral colours in the collection, however he arrived at the studio in the cutest little Superman babygro and I had the perfect backdrop already out. So here he is, Superbaby. Ready to save the world!


Ava’s collection is full of girly pastel colours. The studio has so many perfect backdrops to match this theme. Along with selecting backdrops with pink roses and a lavender blanket, the fairytale background is dream come true!


Before arriving at the studio for your photo session, it helps to have an idea of your preferred package or number of images. Having a budget in mind allows me to plan your session as best as I can, creating enough variety for your final collection. This will also make it easier for you when we come to look through the images at the end of the session and choose your favourites. For Ava’s three month session, we knew to choose four different setups and her family had such fun looking through all of the different backdrops.


In the studio, there are numerous props for babies of all ages. I have a couple of ‘go-to’ props for certain age bands too. One of which is this bucket which I painted myself a few years back. Sturdy and the perfect size, it’s great for babies who can’t quite sit up unaided yet. Of course, a parent is close by, just off camera.



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